Do You have an overstock problem?

surplus, stuff

Not enough space in the warehouse for new deliveries?

Too many surplus stock and old, non-rotating products?

Need to free up cash locked in Your goods?

Do You have a problem with uncollected orders?

Not sure what to do with grade II products?

Do You have a problem with returns collections?

Are they running out or have they already run out of expiry dates?

Optimise Your warehouse with our help

You reduce storage costs to a minimum

You release Your cash – we pay in advance

You gain time to develop Your business instead of wasting it on old problems

Swap old products for new

We will sell your products through alternative distribution channels. We will not disturb Your market

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  • Overstocks, old collections
  • Returned goods
  • Cancelled, unclaimed orders
  • Slow moving items
  • Second quality products
  • Mixed pallets
  • Purchase decisions in 24H
  • Payment before delivery
  • Fast pick-up of goods at own expense
  • Respect for distribution restrictions
  • Rebranding
  • Respect for customer needs

We consider each situation individually, respecting the applicable law, the market situation and the point of view of the customer. We buy up any quantity of goods, from discontinued products to huge consignments. We are interested in all sectors of consumer products, including household appliances, decorations, toys, tools, stationery, cosmetics, chemicals, foodstuffs and much more…

Many of our partners who have surplus goods do not want their competitors, customers or suppliers to find out. We are able to keep a secret and discreetly sell your products in alternative distribution channels away from your designated markets. Trust is our most important motivation.

We have been in business since 2000. Hundreds of thousands of tonnes of goods have already passed through our warehouse. We have helped thousands of companies to get rid of the problem. We act quickly and in accordance with the laws of the individual countries and the rules of the branches in which we operate. Our experience and position in the market allows us to make a decision in 24 hours, pay for the goods in advance and collect them immediately at our logistics centre.

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0%purchases are preceded by pre-payment

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